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NBA 75 Player Photos

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Download the photos and logos of every NBA 75 player free. Each photo includes the historical logo for the player's time period and is sized to fit the tall player cards (included with the purchase of the player cards). The photos can be added to the PDFs using image editing software like Photoshop (not provided) to give these NBA 75 player cards a sharp and unique look. The photos are not used in game play but make these cards stand out as some of the most beautiful cards in tabletop gaming.

You can also provide your own photos. Crop any player image to 387 x 487 pixels.

Note: These are being provided free of charge because we do not have the right to sell either the images or the logos without the written consent of the NBA or the photographers involved. The images are not intended for use with cards that will be resold in any secondary markets. Please use these images only for your personal use and enjoyment.

You will get a ZIP (11MB) file