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NBA 75 Player Card Set

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The first edition of Triple Threat Basketball features a set of the top 75 NBA players of all-time. The set includes representatives from the 1940s to today. Each player is individually carded and his performance depends on that player's strengths and weaknesses in many aspects of the game, including driving to the basket, shooting jump shots, low post offense, and 3-point shooting.

The NBA 75 set gives you the components you need to play the game with no other purchases or downloads required. Here's what you'll get:

  • All players on the NBA 75 team (view players)
  • Square player cards
  • Tall player cards that can be modified to include photos of each player (download free photos)
  • Triple Threat Game Engine
  • Triple Threat Scoresheets
  • Triple Threat Game Timer
  • Triple Threat Game Guide

Triple Threat Basketball also requires at least one d6 die and one d10 die to play the game (not included). It is recommended to have 2 d6 dice of different colors and at least 2 d10 dice of different colors.

You will get a ZIP (736KB) file